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Single-Phase Power Line Signal Coupler
Bibaja's PLC240 Power Line Signal Coupler is designed to couple power line carrier signals in the 100kHz to 400kHz range from the AC mains onto the 24VAC irrigation power wires. This allows devices like Echelon's i.Lon100 to use Bibaja's IVC24-04 for automating landscape irrigation systems and integrating it with the building automation system (BAS). PLC240 1-Phase Power Line Signal Coupler
Our PLC240 may be used to couple the SiteController's two-wire network onto twisted pair. This allows the SiteController to reach IVC24-04 4-zone two-wire expansion units in other buildings. This solution allows a single SiteController to manage entire corporate campuses, office parks, universities, and other sites with twisted pair backbones.

Bibaja's PLC240 features:

35mm DIN Rail or Wall Tab Mounting

Screw Terminals, 10mm pitch, Accepts 12AWG to 22AWG wire

0-240VAC AC Mains Connection

0-35VAC (0-50VDC) Connection

For Power Line Carrier signals from 100-400kHz (LonWorks, X10, etc.)

Applications for the PLC240 include:

Bridging signals across step-down transformers

Coupling power line carrier signals to DC, AC, and twisted pair wiring

Extending the range of your power line network using twisted pair

We've used the PLC240 to transmit LonWorks power line (SiteController two-wire) signals over 7 kilometers of unpowered 14AWG wire.


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