Reliable Power Line Network Control Solutions for Irrigation, Lighting, and Custom Design Services
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Web-based remote control for irrigation and landscape lighting.
Experience the convenience of a modern, web-based irrigation controller. Ideal for property managers, landscape professionals, and homeowners with large landscapes, our remote control and monitoring features help you manage your properties, conserve water, and save energy. SiteController for Irrigation and Landscape Lighting

A properly maintained irrigation system saves water and keeps your landscape healthy. When used with a water meter, the SiteController measures water use in every zone and sends e-mail alerts to let you know when something goes wrong. Repair problems as soon as they arise -- not weeks later when the property owner notices the yellow grass.

Remote web access provides the ability to make programming changes without scheduling a meeting with the property owner. Managing multiple properties from your office is convenient and saves you time and the cost of fuel from driving to each customer site.

Outputs not used for irrigation are available as general purpose outputs for controlling lighting, fountains, ponds, and other ornamental features. Connect a relay with a 24VAC coil to control practically any electrical load using flexible schedules.

Features and Benefits

Web-based interface allows remote management of multiple sites

E-mail alerts report leaks enabling quick repairs

Automatic shutdown of faulty zones to prevent erosion from leaks

Practically unlimited number of programs for irrigation and lighting

365 day calendar clock with sunrise/sunset times

Cycle and soak to reduce runoff

Date, time, and programming are saved during power outages

Modular expansion for additional zones and utility meters

Large 1GB datalog for recording water use and irrigation history

Uses industry standard 24VAC solenoid irrigation valves


Athletic fields and parks

Corporate campuses and office parks

City block landscaping

Greenhouses and professional growers

Landscape Lighting Control

Ornamental fountains and ponds

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