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Three-Phase Power Line Coupler

Bibaja's PLC277 Power Line Coupler provides coupling from 277V AC mains to power line carrier (PLC) devices like Echelon's i.LON and other PLC devices. Terminals accept wire gauge range 22 to 12AWG. Terminals L1, L2, and L3 include 20mm varistor surge protectors.

Use the PLC277 to couple to streetlight networks or to communicate with devices on other 3 phase power networks. Integral coupling between phases boosts performance for devices that communicate between different phases.

PLC277 Power Line Signal Coupler

Our PLC277 is also a handy diagnostic tool for monitoring power line communications using spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes. Connect the PLT+/PLT- terminals to the spectrum analyzer or the oscilloscope to view the power line communications waveforms.

Bibaja's PLC277 features:

Integrated Phase Coupling

8 Screw Terminals for 12AWG to 24AWG wire

Compact 3-Module DIN Rail Enclosure

277VAC (305VAC max) AC Mains Connection

Low voltage PLC coupler connection

The PLC277 is qualified for use with certain Echelon i.LON products. Your i.LON must have an external coupler interface to use the PLC277. Check with your Echelon sales representative to make sure you order the correct model for use with the 3-phase external coupler.


i.LON is a registered trademark of Echelon Corp.